Elope or Wed with a Twist for just the 2 of you or with up to 100 guests or more
Elope or Wed with a Twist for just the 2 of you or with up to 100 guests or more.

I’ve been a wedding photographer for a decade.


I’ve shot more than 3,000 weddings. I’ve won 16 awards and am currently ranked in the top 10 wedding photographers in Australia. 


I moved to the Hunter Valley 4 years ago to focus on country weddings as the country truly inspires me. 

Over time, I’ve seen way too many stressed out couples. Couples who put themselves into debt for just one day, or did ‘their’ day to please others. Couples who argue and stress out for a year or two over planning details. 

I’ve even seen couples who fight on their wedding day over ‘wedding stuff’. It’s crazy. There has to be a better way I thought. Then I came up with an idea…Elope or Wed with a Twist.

Elope or Wed with a Twist is a unique & affordable way to get married. Based in the stunning Hunter Valley wine region just 2 hours north of Sydney. It's a fun, romantic, stress free and affordable way to tie the knot. 


It's about having it all done for you. No need to spend a year of your life pulling your hair out to plan just one day. No need to break the bank for just one day. We do it all for you. 


Just turn up with your bag packed for 2 nights in your luxury accommodation and what you wish to wear on your special day and let us do it all for you. We also do no accommodation packages.


I am the planner of all Elope or Wed with a Twist Packages. 


For loads of pics and more info please visit my Elope or Wed with a Twist Facebook page  

When I first created Elope with a Twist, it was to provide a small elopement service for couples where I was the photographer and planner.


Very quickly the demand grew into offering full weddings, so here we are today providing weddings from 2 to 100. Hence the name change to Elope or Wed with a Twist.

With planning every aspect of every wedding and doing 3-5 weddings a week all year round, I simply could no longer cope with doing all of the photography.


Finding the perfect photographer was no small task but along came David Maltby of David Maltby Images.

One of the best photographers I’ve ever seen and one of the nicest guys you’d ever meet. David now does nearly all of the photography and is my chief editor and artistic director.


David and I together continue to win awards year after year and were voted again last year in the top 5 wedding photographers in NSW with the Australian Bridal Industry Academy Awards.  



 Sue Taylor Photography 2007 - 2020  -  Over 3,000 Weddings of Experience

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