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This 66 chapter e-book has been almost 10 years in the making.  It is a collection of everything that I know and understand about weddings and I believe every person involved closely with the wedding needs to know this information.


You can purchase this e-book for just $9.95. Click on the cover image to purchase via PayPal and download instantly to your device. In mid August 2019 the book will be released as an audiobook.


I hope you enjoy reading this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.



So, what makes me a ‘Guru’ of sorts when it comes to weddings?

Well, I’ve been involved in planning and shooting more than 3,000 weddings over more than a decade and have won almost 20 national and state awards.

Trust me. I’ve seen it all! And I’m here to share it with you. Everything from bridezillas and breasts to pregnant brides and children, as well as the absolute ‘must have’ survival kit list for the big day.


How could you possibly know where to start with planning your wedding day? Whether it’s a small elopement or a huge wedding with all the bells and whistles… it’s a lot of work. I wrote this book to give you what you need to get started planning your wedding day but more importantly……how to make it through the actual day. 

I’ve seen so many couples spend months and years planning the perfect wedding yet fail to put in basic systems on the day itself. A great wedding doesn’t just happen, and it won’t run itself. This is a must read for anyone involved closely with the wedding day not just the bride and groom.


Dreamy, romantic wedding magazines, books and online publications can be so misleading and tend to paint an unrealistic picture of a true wedding day.


This book is to warn you about the pitfalls, and to prepare you for what it’s ‘really’ like. There’s no sugar coating of words……I’m just going to tell you how it is.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world, people are people and weddings are weddings. It’s the same blank canvas but each couple paints their own unique picture. The information in this book is relevant no matter your age, culture or religion or whether it’s your 1st, second or 3rd wedding.


All those fluffy wedding magazines out there will have you believe that as a bride you will become a princess for a day. You’ll wake up that morning and will float through the day on cloud nine. With all of your careful planning which started as a little girl, combined with the help of your bridesmaids and could anything possibly go wrong?



You’ll most likely wake up sleep deprived because you felt nervous and slept poorly, or you worked so late doing last 

minute things for the big day that it was daylight before your head hit the pillow. Maybe you didn’t sleep in your own bed and you couldn’t get comfortable. You’ll probably wake up feeling pretty tired. Excited and nervous, but tired. You will barely be able to eat breakfast because of nerves.

Hair and make-up will most likely run late, as that’s the nature of a wedding day. Everything just takes longer.


The stress starts to build early in the day as one of the bridesmaids puts her dress on and it doesn’t fit properly, so there are tears and tantrums. The flower girl and the page boy are misbehaving and decide they don’t want to get dressed and to top it off they don’t want to carry the flowers or the rings anymore.


Your phone won’t stop ringing as friends, family and possibly vendors call you. The whole morning isn’t quite as you imagined it or how it sounded in those magazines.


You finally get yourself dressed and you realise this gorgeous dress you adore and that you saved so hard for is very uncomfortable once you are wearing it for longer than just a fitting. Those stunning shoes that make your legs look divine, are already rubbing on the back of your heel and it’s only early morning. Oh dear. Why didn’t I go for a more comfortable pair you are thinking?


The cars have arrived and once you leave, you hit a traffic snag, which starts your heart racing because you know you’re going to be late and you really wanted to be on time. There’s nothing you can do. You arrive at the church late and as you try to make your entrance, guests are arriving late because that’s what they do these days. There doesn’t seem to be the common courtesy from your guests of arriving on time anymore. It annoys you because that means they are running in around you spoiling your entrance, but you can’t do anything about it.


As you walk down the aisle, your eyes meet your partners and you realise there and then what it’s all about. The stress, the anxiety, the money, the arguments and the tireless planning. This person is your true love and the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with. During the ceremony everything is out of your hands and you just go with the flow. You have no choice if something does go wrong at this point.

After the ceremony, you get bombarded with congratulations kisses and hugs and family members will begin to harass you for a photo and won’t stop until they get it. They’ll step on your dress and you’ll have black marks from their shoes and your dress may rip from a spiky high heel. You’ll have 20 shades of lipstick on your cheeks from all the kisses and your new husband will have foundation and powder all over the right shoulder of his suit.


Off you go, to do your bridal party shoot. By then, you all haven’t eaten for at least 4 hours, so your blood sugar levels are dropping. You’re starting to feel cranky and you feel like you want to snap at your new husband, which doesn’t feel like the way you’re supposed to feel. The bridesmaids are getting cranky because they need some sugar and the guys are cranky because they are starving and

want a beer. But you still need to go off for a two-hour photo shoot. The beer and champagne comes out at the shoot and everyone gets a little too drunk on empty stomaches.


By the time you get to the reception, it’s maybe 6pm. You’ve been up since 4am, so 14 hours later you’re really feeling a bit flat and you still have a whole reception to get through, probably 4 or 5 hours. The reception is fantastic but you are tired and you have a headache. Your feet are hurting (actually they are killing you), so you’ve kicked off those gorgeous shoes and you’re running around in bare feet or a pair of flat shoes.

It’s a great night and it’s shared with the people closest to you but all you want to do by about 9pm is go back to your hotel room, get out of your uncomfortable underwear and dress and relax. Your new husband is dying to get out of his monkey suit and all you want to do is get into fluffy robes, order room service and have a good sleep.


That’s the reality of a wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s amazing and it’s likely to be the best day of your life, but truth is that you need to keep your feet firmly on the ground.


To be warned and prepared, is what’s going to make your day magical. Understand and accept how it’s really going to be and how you are really going to feel and your wedding day will surpass your expectations with no disappointment or regrets.


So read on and take on all the tips and advice in this book to ensure your wedding day is absolutely magnificent.

What brides have said about the book:


Kylie says:

“Prior to my wedding I read the book and got some great tips for my wedding day to ensure my photos were perfect. One of the tips was to have any hair on my top lip removed as it would show in photos especially when flash is used. I followed the advice and also the advice to cover any body parts that I felt weren't my best attribute. I also made sure I had no shine on my face throughout the day. They were great tips and they certainly ensured my photos were wonderful.”


Jade says:

“I love the advice given in the book about choosing the right wedding dress. I chose a dress that suited my body shape. I am short and slightly pear shaped. I designed a dress that had a soft A-line skirt with a racer-high neckline, which made me look taller. I also cut off the straps that you use to hang up the dress, as well as my bridesmaids’ dresses as recommended to ensure they didn't show in any photos. We had a plan B in place in case it rained, as our ceremony was to be held in a garden. It was raining for the first half of the wedding day. Luckily, the rainy weather went away by the time the ceremony started. Even though we didn’t need it, having a plan B was a huge stress preventer.”


Lynda says:

“My dream wedding day arrives after 12 months of careful planning. How could anything possibly go wrong? Thanks to this book, we learn quickly that not everything is going to run to plan. We head off to the church and best man's jacket has a missing button. We pull out the sewing kit as listed in the survival kit and sew it on, so crisis is averted. Just when you think it's all going smoothly, my shoe breaks! Once again, the magic survival kit comes to the rescue again. Looks like I can do the Bridal Waltz after all and make my late Dad (a professional ballroom dancer) proud. Without these tips, I would have been lost.”


 Sue Taylor Photography 2007 - 2020  -  Over 3,000 Weddings of Experience

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