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After working in the wedding industry for over a decade, I wanted to share my advice and immense experience with all couples planning a wedding.

My first book "Everything You Need to Know About Your Wedding Day”, took me over 10 years to write and is available as an eBook and audio book which you can purchase below. It was a labour of love and will be coming out in a hard cover printed format very soon.

Over the last few months I’ve felt such a strong need to write a book helping couples navigate their way through this pandemic mess. I’ve been living it 24/7 for 6 months so I’ve become a bit of a wedding pandemic expert!

I would like to announce my new book "How to Hold a Wedding During a Pandemic". It's just 22 chapters long and only takes an hour or so to read it. I’m hoping it will help guide couples through this mess and offer some tips and advice. If you feel stuck and need some extra guidance please feel free to email me at

Much love and support Sue aka Yoda

To celebrate you can purchase both books via my “2 eBook Special” pack. It’s the complete wedding planning package that will help you not only save time but money.


 Sue Taylor Photography 2007 - 2020  -  Over 3,000 Weddings of Experience

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